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Saturday, September 28, 2013

National Alpaca Farm Days

early alpaca product setup

early alpaca product setup

Today was our first entre' into this annual AOBA event. After spending a few weeks of preparation, organizing and coordinating with DJs Classic Alpacas (our nearby friends), the day was a bit of a mix achievement.

On the upside were all those folks that did visit from everywhere in the metroplex - as far as Denton and Dallas and as close as North Richland Hills, Keller and our next door neighbors! To all we have to say thank you very much.

Second upside - Kelly, who owns and operates Notable Gnome, joined us and set up her very interesting products that I call "hard lotions". Really nice stuff and folks really seem to like her and her products. Check it out at her website - I missed getting a picture of her set-up - RATS! I did load a pic she had sent me about what her set up was like at another location.

A third upside was the visit from the Fort Worth Star Telegram/Keller Citizen's journal photographer. Very nice gentleman who seemed very interested and took a lot of photographs and asked a lot of questions. We are anxious to see the result of his work!
And fourth (not in priorty order of course) - in the middle of the rain burst, the owners of SkyFiber Ranch, LLC in Bartonville, Aimee and Mark, stopped in to meet us. What a nice happening and some similar tastes - they like color and gray too! They are also a bit like us in that they are relatively new to this business, small in size and growing also, and will be attending the upcoming Oklahoma show so we'll get to visit with them again. Nice couple and, yes, they have a website -

On the downside, there were a couple of "test" rain spurts in the morning - short, no real volume and not so threatening. Then in the early afternoon, the skies just opened and there were rivers of water everywhere! We have a garden cart that is a little over 12 inches deep and it was filled within 45 minutes as it was catching water off our garden shed. We had to hurry to move everything into the shed which we cleared out just for this purpose - good planning at least! Lots of wet products, papers, hair and clothes. And yet right after the rain, while it was reallllyyy muddy, a couple of folks still stopped by. That pretty much ended the day though.

I'm thinking that so far the ups exceed the downs so we must be making progress!

Will be interesting to see how things go on Sunday afternoon to complete the event.
45 minutes of rain off shed roof

45 minutes of rain off shed roof

Notable Gnome (pic of diff location)

Notable Gnome (pic of diff location)