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Monday, September 29, 2014

National Alpaca Farm Days a Great Success

Thank you to all of the over 600 folks that visited our little ranch this past weekend. We also want to thank all the great vendors that came out and participated in our event. All of you, visitors and vendors, helped make this the most successful event we've had to date. Great inputs and many ideas that we'll be sorting through and using to help us plan in making our next event even better. Of course, the weather and the great article from Keller Citizen/K Magazine certainly helped also.

Since some of you may not be checking Facebook, we also wanted to take this opportunity to post the winning raffle ticket number here as well to maximize coverage. The winning ticket is #458954. Call or send us a message so we can get you your prize choice.

Thanks once again to everyone involved in this exciting endeavor. The alpacas are tired but happy that you came by!!