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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Christmas in July Offer

To all Master Gardeners and/or members of Garden Societies in the local area.
40% discount offered from now till July 26 on McPaca Ranch's Paca-Poo. Here are some additional details.

McPaca Ranch's PACA-POO

This picture shows the alpacas in front of one of a friend's compost pile.'s true, alpaca (and llama) beans make one of the best fertilizers and soil conditioners. The internal system of the alpaca (or llama) is an incredibly efficient processor of food due to the 1,000s of years in the harsh Andies environment. This allows them to deliver a great, virtually odor free poo that can be placed directly on lawns and in gardens without burning. Studies (see references below) have shown that a single application of compost can benefit a pasture/garden/lawn for up to eight years!

Our customers have sent us e-mails saying things like:
"tell your alpaca thank you" along with pictures of their flourishing garden.
"It really helped our plants and trees that were stressed from the drought and heat."

You already know that if you're cleaning out your gardens and beds it’s a great idea to add lots of natural compost. We have alpaca compost available that has been composting for approximately 1 year. We do not treat our herd with hormones and their main food source is natural grass and hay. We also have "fresh" poo available if you want to compost yourself.

Come see how green our place is where we use Paca-Poo.
Pricing is simplest by a pick-up truck bed load (up to 3 front end loaders with our tractor):
$45 for a 4' bed (short bed), $55 for a 6' bed (regular bed) and $65 for an 8' bed (long bed) truck.
(Discounts on higher quantities available).

If you just need a small amount, bring an old feed bag (40lb size) to put it in and we charge $10.00 per bag. We'll provide the shovel and you can fill your bag. Or if you want a pre-filled bag, we're happy to do that for $12.00 per bag.

Here is more detail as published in Sunset Living Magazine:


Animal Type Nitrogen % Phosphorus % Potassium %
*Alpaca/llama 1.7 0.69 0.66
Chicken 1.0 0.8 0.4
Horse 0.7 0.25 0.55
Sheep 0.95 0.35 1.0
Cow 0.6 0.15 0.45
Pig 0.5 0.35 0.4
Unit of Measure shown above is in micrograms/gram

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Sunset Western Garden Book-Sunset Publ. Co., Menlo, Park, CA-40th Anniv. edition
Guide to Raising Llamas, Gale Birutta:Storey Publishing

*Alpaca/llama manure can be applied directly to plants (will not burn)