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Thursday, September 24, 2015

National Alpaca Farm Days Update

Yes we are crazy busy around here preparing to make this weekend a special occasion for all the visitors we anticipate seeing. As always, our alpacas have been primping and studying their lines and are getting excited to meet everyone. You will have an opportunity to get as close as you prefer including petting. You and your children will be thrilled by their softness, their big eyes and their nice manners (hopefully). We always love seeing the reactions of the smaller children that often begin with some trepidation and then become enthralled by the animals. Its an experience they will long remember! And, yes, we are a livestock based business which means that many of our animals are available to become part of your ranch operation. If you already have a ranch, we have a variety of herdsires available to work for you. Or perhaps you just need some help in starting or running your ranch business. We are part of the Alpaca Mentor program and truly enjoy helping others learn to achieve solid animal health and business success. If you are interested in starting or expanding your own ranch or if you need any our of services, please ask and we'll make sure to get you the appropriate amount of time even it means setting up a meeting after this event.

One of our new additions is a separate fleece room. Here there will be fleeces on display along with some recent competition awards and our skirting table. These will help you see how things are done and learn more about why alpacas are so special with there very soft and hypoallergenic fleeces.

And for some festivity, we have confirmation from a number of exhibitors that are coming to help us expand on various fiber aspects of alpacas and to add some additional diversity to your visit. On the fiber related side, we have two ladies that do spinning and/or fiber art that will do some demonstrations and love to teach or discuss various techniques and aspects of working with fiber. In terms of diversity, there are a number of options. For instance, The Notable Gnome with her special handcrafted lotions in very practical applicators is back again. Another good friend runs Abundant Health and is very focused on helping you achieve the best health you can by using massage therapy, yoga, essential oils and other focused rehabilitation and exercising skills. Our daughter will be showing off some of her custom built nutcrackers which make great gifts or keepsakes. A special and popular young lady singer will join us, hopefully for both days. Her name is Kelsey Lewis and you can check her out on her Facebook page at Kelsey Lewis Music. You will want to buy one of her CDs for listening in the car on the way home! And we are also welcoming an artist that has sent us some renditions of alpacas that look absolutely fabulous. Can't wait to see her work in person!

Last, and very much not least, we will be debuting our new, indoor alpaca gift boutique. It is freshly loaded with a wide assortment of gift items for your shopping pleasure.

Come on out - Saturday and Sunday, 9-5, Sept 26-27, 2015. There will be signs on the road to help guide you to our mini-ranch. Look forward to seeing everyone.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Christmas in July Extended

Due to the fabulous response we received during July, we are extending this offer to our upcoming event weekend. If you are a garden club member ad come to our National Alpaca Farm Days event next weekend (Sept 26-27), we will extend this offer to you for McPaca-Poo fertilizer/soil conditioner. Look forward to seeing you then. If you want to take advantage of the biggest value, which is the pick-up truck load, we will extend the pricing though will need to schedule your pick-up. We won't be loading trucks during the weekend event as we need all our helpers with managing the many visitors and won't have tractor operators available. We are open most days before or after that weekend and are happy to load you up on those days. Thanks for understanding.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Christmas in July Offer

To all Master Gardeners and/or members of Garden Societies in the local area.
40% discount offered from now till July 26 on McPaca Ranch's Paca-Poo. Here are some additional details.

McPaca Ranch's PACA-POO

This picture shows the alpacas in front of one of a friend's compost pile.'s true, alpaca (and llama) beans make one of the best fertilizers and soil conditioners. The internal system of the alpaca (or llama) is an incredibly efficient processor of food due to the 1,000s of years in the harsh Andies environment. This allows them to deliver a great, virtually odor free poo that can be placed directly on lawns and in gardens without burning. Studies (see references below) have shown that a single application of compost can benefit a pasture/garden/lawn for up to eight years!

Our customers have sent us e-mails saying things like:
"tell your alpaca thank you" along with pictures of their flourishing garden.
"It really helped our plants and trees that were stressed from the drought and heat."

You already know that if you're cleaning out your gardens and beds it’s a great idea to add lots of natural compost. We have alpaca compost available that has been composting for approximately 1 year. We do not treat our herd with hormones and their main food source is natural grass and hay. We also have "fresh" poo available if you want to compost yourself.

Come see how green our place is where we use Paca-Poo.
Pricing is simplest by a pick-up truck bed load (up to 3 front end loaders with our tractor):
$45 for a 4' bed (short bed), $55 for a 6' bed (regular bed) and $65 for an 8' bed (long bed) truck.
(Discounts on higher quantities available).

If you just need a small amount, bring an old feed bag (40lb size) to put it in and we charge $10.00 per bag. We'll provide the shovel and you can fill your bag. Or if you want a pre-filled bag, we're happy to do that for $12.00 per bag.

Here is more detail as published in Sunset Living Magazine:


Animal Type Nitrogen % Phosphorus % Potassium %
*Alpaca/llama 1.7 0.69 0.66
Chicken 1.0 0.8 0.4
Horse 0.7 0.25 0.55
Sheep 0.95 0.35 1.0
Cow 0.6 0.15 0.45
Pig 0.5 0.35 0.4
Unit of Measure shown above is in micrograms/gram

Univ. of Idaho, Holm Research Center, Moscow, ID 83844
Sunset Western Garden Book-Sunset Publ. Co., Menlo, Park, CA-40th Anniv. edition
Guide to Raising Llamas, Gale Birutta:Storey Publishing

*Alpaca/llama manure can be applied directly to plants (will not burn)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

McPaca Boutique

Our Alpaca Boutique will be open every day until Christmas. Please call to insure we aren't on a break (817-454-7448). We have lots of great items for your holiday shopping!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Raffle Update 2

Here we go again

This time I've drawn three tickets. Whoever has the first drawn wins. That means if you have the ticket drawn fourth and number three calls in then number 3 wins. Numbers 1 and 2 are still possible tho only today. If someone calls we will only wait 12 hours before declaring them the winner regardless.

Hope that works for everyone. We'd really like to have a winner!

Drawing #3 is #458967
Drawing #4 is #459079
Drawing #5 is #458067

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Another nice article about our National Alpaca Farm Days

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Raffle update

No contact from first ticket drawn so we drew another number
The next number is #459232
We'd really like to hear from a winner!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

National Alpaca Farm Days a Great Success

Thank you to all of the over 600 folks that visited our little ranch this past weekend. We also want to thank all the great vendors that came out and participated in our event. All of you, visitors and vendors, helped make this the most successful event we've had to date. Great inputs and many ideas that we'll be sorting through and using to help us plan in making our next event even better. Of course, the weather and the great article from Keller Citizen/K Magazine certainly helped also.

Since some of you may not be checking Facebook, we also wanted to take this opportunity to post the winning raffle ticket number here as well to maximize coverage. The winning ticket is #458954. Call or send us a message so we can get you your prize choice.

Thanks once again to everyone involved in this exciting endeavor. The alpacas are tired but happy that you came by!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

National Alpaca Farm Days

early alpaca product setup

early alpaca product setup

Today was our first entre' into this annual AOBA event. After spending a few weeks of preparation, organizing and coordinating with DJs Classic Alpacas (our nearby friends), the day was a bit of a mix achievement.

On the upside were all those folks that did visit from everywhere in the metroplex - as far as Denton and Dallas and as close as North Richland Hills, Keller and our next door neighbors! To all we have to say thank you very much.

Second upside - Kelly, who owns and operates Notable Gnome, joined us and set up her very interesting products that I call "hard lotions". Really nice stuff and folks really seem to like her and her products. Check it out at her website - I missed getting a picture of her set-up - RATS! I did load a pic she had sent me about what her set up was like at another location.

A third upside was the visit from the Fort Worth Star Telegram/Keller Citizen's journal photographer. Very nice gentleman who seemed very interested and took a lot of photographs and asked a lot of questions. We are anxious to see the result of his work!
And fourth (not in priorty order of course) - in the middle of the rain burst, the owners of SkyFiber Ranch, LLC in Bartonville, Aimee and Mark, stopped in to meet us. What a nice happening and some similar tastes - they like color and gray too! They are also a bit like us in that they are relatively new to this business, small in size and growing also, and will be attending the upcoming Oklahoma show so we'll get to visit with them again. Nice couple and, yes, they have a website -

On the downside, there were a couple of "test" rain spurts in the morning - short, no real volume and not so threatening. Then in the early afternoon, the skies just opened and there were rivers of water everywhere! We have a garden cart that is a little over 12 inches deep and it was filled within 45 minutes as it was catching water off our garden shed. We had to hurry to move everything into the shed which we cleared out just for this purpose - good planning at least! Lots of wet products, papers, hair and clothes. And yet right after the rain, while it was reallllyyy muddy, a couple of folks still stopped by. That pretty much ended the day though.

I'm thinking that so far the ups exceed the downs so we must be making progress!

Will be interesting to see how things go on Sunday afternoon to complete the event.
45 minutes of rain off shed roof

45 minutes of rain off shed roof

Notable Gnome (pic of diff location)

Notable Gnome (pic of diff location)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Massive Pond Project Begins

The draining process has started!! The whole project will probably take till Thanksgiving as the dredging is done 1 side at a time and there are repairs to be done along the way. Pond will end up deeper and we should be able to keep it clearer from algae. We'll be inspecting and repairing the gazebo also. In the meantime lots of work to insure alternate water supplies for animals and pastures during the project.

Always lots of things going on here!