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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

National Alpaca Farm Days coming soon

That's right - just 21/2 weeks till our big event. National Alpaca Farms Days are Saturday and Sunday September 28 to 29, 2013. We'll be open most of the day on both days and there will be opportunities to learn about alpacas, the products and the business aspects of this lifestyle. We are enjoying it and we are growing quickly. We look forward to seeing many visitors.

Both AOBA's Website for National Alpaca Farm Days and our Facebook page McPacaRanch have more info also.

And we will be showing off our new logo for the event! It's new, unique and has some especially artistic aspects that we think you'll find really captures these fabulous animals!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Catching Up

Wow. If you had told me I would have a three month lapse in keeping up with web inputs I would not have believed you. Especially since that was about the time I had received my new, free for points, iPad and the primary intent of having it was to keep up with my personal life!

We started shearing the first weekend in April and I've been out of touch ever since. Let's see - two weekends of shearing, 1 week business convention in California followed by a few days in Napa. Then my parents came to visit and I took my dad and son with me to a great men's conference that I've been attending for 20 years. This years was a definite highlight though because of my dad and son. It was already mid-May by then and time for another 1 week offsite business meeting. On to refinancing our mortgage, trying to catch up with work from being out, a quick trip to San Francisco, prepping for yet another meeting, shearing 2 llamas (our guard animals), making arrangements to acquire 1/2 interest in a herdsire and yet another week long meeting for work and BAM it's July! Holy cow!

Now the challenge - a quick what's up with McPaca Ranch's alpaca life. We put our toe in the water on being a product distributor after the TXOLAN show. We have a bit to learn about supplies and really need to get our website in shape to make this more effective. Add that to our list of challenges. This will ultimately be a great aid in marketing and cash flow based on the brief experience to date. For example, all our scarves sold in just a couple weeks and with fall approaching there should be some good expansion on this activity. Laurie and my mom got crafty during her visit and we decided to enter a local farmer's market in October to test the reception of those products also.

Obviously we sheared all our animals and helped with all of the Reilings. I have been toying with actually doing some of this myself and Ron Reiling led me through the process on my very first one this year. Only cut her one time and it was virtually the first pass. His challenge to me is get my own table and join him next year in a side-by-side process.

We had already decided that 2013 was to be a real mover in our herd. We currently have 3 cria from Champion herdsires and have positioned ourselves to have 6 cria next year, all from various Champion herdsires. This will be a real test to see if we can move up in the show ring. We are anxiously awaiting the fall shows to begin our test of this breeding philosophy.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ranch Updates and Learning to Blog

Huss's visit

Huss's visit

Learning to keep folks up to date is another new endeavor that we hope will be appreciated. For instance, I just spent 10 minutes writing down my thoughts and then added a picture and somehow deleted the writing - argghhhh. So, since I last wrote in December, we've rapidly expanded our approach to this business. We bought two new females with rose/gray in them (WRR Sable and RRosa Gypsy Princess) and both were/are bred to champion studs, traded for another new female and started really researching and making arrangements to uphold our genetic tagline. Two new crias arrived in late January and early February. Lady Bella (from Electra) is super soft and looks like she may be true black and Sir Bentley (from Sable) who may have some rose developing in his med to dark brown super crimpy fleece. We are anxiously awaiting a delivery in a week or so from Gypsy.

This year, we've started having visitors and that has really been fun though it does take a solid amount of time out our limited schedules. I'm posting a couple shots from one visit because these twins really had a blast and it shows in the photos with our Allie.

We also attended the recent TXOLAN show and though we only took two animals, they both placed fourth so we are proud to have those awards on the wall. I have to say that we were a bit more pleased with Allie as she was in a very competitive class of 9 and when speaking with the owner of number 3 he told me that she had recently had a histogram and measured 14microns. That's some tough challenger and only 3rd! The judge had all the top 4 and looked over Allie 3 times before separating her from the top three. She did have really good comments about her conformation and fleece production that were nice to hear. Allie is now off being bred to 13 time champion Golden Thunder from Snow Diamond ranch and it is going to be a tough year trying to be paitient to see the results of this gorgeous couple!

Continuing that theme, Electra is going back to be with multiple champion Katmandu again based on the great result that they just produced - see pics and notes of Lady Bella who was just born in January. Dixie has been bred to multiple champion Matrix Madness and we are just awaiting the blood test to confirm before bringing her back home. We've also contracted with another Snow Diamond stud - Sergeant Pepper- and will probably be sending Sable out to visit with him in the fall once Sir Bentley (see his pics in the herd pages) is weaned. You can see that we are holding to our tagline "Where Genetics Matter" and putting our guns behind it. Being patient may kill me though!

I also learned it is ok to try to update your Facebook page using the iPhone but a pain to blog from that. Now I've acquired an iPad and just bought a keyboard so no more excuses!
Huss's visit

Huss's visit

Miller's visit 2-23

Miller's visit 2-23

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Slowly but surely

We continue to make some progress. This week we registered our own website name - thanks to help from Openherd. Have been updating the info on our "herd" with the help of internet searches into their past owners or parent's owners. Have to acknowledge folks like Reiling Ranch (who we'd really be in trouble without) for the descriptions and pictures of our girls. I also found Pistol's father, Caligula's Accoyo Poseidon, who is owned by Portas Nirvana with a great outline of his background and awards. Thank you to them for that also. Obviously, it is a learning process and the help of those that have been in the business for a while is absolutely critical in moving forward. Didn't truly realize some of the things learned during this search. For instance, Pistol is full on white and yet both parents are medium to dark fawn with color in their background. Very interesting process.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

HiPlains Alpaca Show

Attended this show last weekend and just received photos for our King Arthur!! Nice second place ribbon for Juvenile Medium Brown class. Disregard the man with the sling - he should heal soon!!
Special thanks to Debbie and Jim of DJ Classics for their help during the weekend.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Starting out - First entry

Our first two-Christie & Dixie

Our first two-Christie & Dixie

We have just entered into this exciting new endeavor. After a few years with cattle, this is quite a change and one we are finding VERY positive!! Our first show is rapidly approaching and there seems like quite a bit to learn. Cows are much easier in this respect as you just drive them to auction and its over. Showing adds a lot of new avenues for building relationships and a long term business entity. Will update as we progress on the BLOG pages.
With Dixie

With Dixie

With Christie

With Christie